jQuery Rambling Slider v0.1.2 patches

November 13, 2011

This post was originally published in the Rambling Labs Blog on November 13, 2011.

I didn’t have enough time to post this before, but here it is. I’ve made some patches for the jQuery Rambling Slider. You can see the tags on GitHub. These include (the key features are bolded):

jQuery Rambling Slider v0.1.2.1 (patch 1, you can download it from GitHub):

  • Enabled method chaining on ‘start’ and ‘stop’.
  • Changed ‘animSpeed’ option to ‘speed’.
  • Added the ‘option’ and ‘effect’ methods.

jQuery Rambling Slider v0.1.2.2 (patch 2, you can download it from GitHub), includes patch 1 and:

  • Some html validation.
  • Added the supported jQuery versions information.
  • Removed jQuery. Pulling it from the google cdn now.
  • Fixed issue with ‘getRandomAnimation’.
  • Added support for jQuery 1.7 (The animate height 100% issue).
  • Changed ‘setTimeout’ and ‘setInterval’ to the window corresponding functions.
  • Added the ‘verbose’ option for the ‘spec’ cake task.
  • Fixed issue with testing and ‘setTimeout’, ‘setInterval’.
  • Added method tests as first set of tests for the rambling.slider.
  • Prevent direction nav to be added when only one slice.
  • Added LICENSE file.
  • Added details to the README.