jQuery Rambling Slider v0.1.3 is out!

November 23, 2011

This post was originally published in the Rambling Labs Blog on November 23, 2011.

Yes, it took me a while, but the jQuery Rambling Slider v0.1.3 is out!

You can download it from GitHub, test it out and report any issues you find. Go ahead and checkout all the tags.

You can also see the project’s details on GitHub or read the project’s wiki.

UPDATE 1 Unfortunately there was a critical bug with the links containing images/flash. But hey, it has been fixed already on v0.1.3 patch 1, available on GitHub.

UPDATE 2 There was another ugly bug with the caption not showing. This has been fixed already on v0.1.3 patch 2, available on GitHub.


The main functionality added includes flash support (find more about it on the wiki.), the destroy method, and some new transition effects.

This release includes:

  • Fixed issue with destroy (caused when changed the slide elements and effects flow).
  • Added the flash support info.
  • Fixed the flash transitions in IE.
  • Fixed issue with links not showing.
  • Added flash and its transitions working on firefox and chrome.
  • Added the ‘containsFlash’ method for jQuery.
  • Separated ‘imageTransitions’ and ‘flashTransitions’
  • Added ‘random’ array extension and specs.
  • Fixed some broken tests.
  • Fixed transition from image to flash.
  • Changed slide elements and effects flow.
  • Fixed issue with hovering on flash.
  • Added transition from image to flash.
  • Added the transition for the image after the flash.
  • Updated copyright release date info.
  • Removed extra ‘examples’ in the readme.
  • Moved the comments to own file.
  • Fixed bug with file order when compiling.
  • Fixed bugs with the ‘contains’ and ‘startsWith’ methods.
  • Added some array and string extensions and specs.
  • Removed the background-based effects.
  • Added the tests for the ‘destroy’ method and the ‘adaptingSlider’.
  • Added the ‘sliceUpRandom’, ‘sliceDownRandom’, ‘sliceUpDownRandom’ and ‘foldRandom’ effects.
  • Added more info to the readme.
  • Added the ‘destroy’ method
  • Added the ‘rollover’ effects to the ‘random’ animation list.
  • Added missing ‘foldRight’ effect.
  • Fixed the ‘slideInRight’ and added ‘rolloverRight’ and ‘rolloverLeft’ effect.
  • Added html format to the README.

I’m getting closer and closer to version one. Just some more tests and tweaks and it’ll be ready! :)