jQuery Rambling Slider v0.2.0 is out!

November 28, 2011

This post was originally published in the Rambling Labs Blog on November 28, 2011.

It’s been a long way to this one, but I’m proud to announce that version 0.2.0 of the jQuery Rambling Slider has been released!

So far, the most stable release had been the version 0.1.2 and its patches. But I assure you that this is now the most stable one :).

Be free to download it from GitHub and test it out.

You can also browse the tags, and submit any issue or feature request to the project’s issues on GitHub.

UPDATE For documentation on how to use, you can read the project’s wiki, which has been updated for these changes.

This release includes:

  • Updated readme information.
  • Added support for jQuery 1.7.1.
  • Changed the ‘effect’ setter to return the slider for method chaining.
  • Added the ‘theme’ option, the ‘theme’ method and specs.
  • Fixed flash alignment for adaptive slider.
  • Added more easing to the flash transitions.
  • Fixed some false positive jquery equals tests.
  • Added the jquery ‘equals’ method.
  • Fixed issue with default image transition.
  • Fixed ‘alignBottom’ issue with slices transitions.
  • Refactored the animateSlices function.
  • Made options ‘imageTransitions’, ‘flashTransitions’, ‘imageFlashTransitions’ and ‘afterLoad’ unchangeable.
  • Added the finished callback for extended transitions.
  • Added the ‘sliceFadeOutIn’ and ‘sliceFadeInOut’ transitions.
  • Added image, flash, imageFlash transition extensibility.
  • Fixed the transitions from image to flash element and between flash elements.
  • Added the ‘boxRainOutIn’, ‘boxRainInOut’, ‘boxRainGrowOutIn’ and ‘boxRainGrowInOut’ effects.
  • Added ‘fadeOut’ to the list (compatibility between image and flash).
  • Added hover events and slider callbacks tests.
  • Added the ‘sliceUpOutIn’, ‘sliceUpInOut’, ‘sliceDownOutIn’, ‘sliceDownInOut’, ‘sliceUpDownOutIn’ and ‘sliceUpDownInOut’.
  • Added tests for ‘directionNav’ and ‘controlNav’.
  • Fixed some false positive specs.
  • Added custom messages to the custom matchers.
  • Added some new methods info.
  • Added the ‘previousSlide’, ‘nextSlide’ and ‘slide’ methods.
  • Added the issues info to the readme.

Next up, some new themes (including migrating the css to SASS), tweaks and tests! :D Enjoy!!